Helping people use technology

It's A Long Story

It's A Long Story

But the short version is that I'm a freelance Web developer, technical writer, and technical trainer. That might look like a list, but I see it as one thing – helping people use technology.

Primus Inter Pares


Design, build, host, and manage Web sites for happy clients? I do that. I also deliver HTML animation, screencasting, PDF wrangling, workflow automation, and social media integration services.


I love words. I love them in technical manuals, tweets, novels, presentations, quotations, and Web sites. Let me help your team and your customers be more productive with brilliant documentation.


Great instructional design and skillful training make people—and teams—more effective. In person or on a screen, I can bring the right mix of design and delivery skills to your next project.

The Future is Flat

These days, I‘m very interested in a new generation of Web development systems like Grav. These flat-file applications do away with the database complexity and security challenges of Wordpress and Drupal, but still offer engaging user experiences and content management. The rise of static site generators like Github Pages and Gatsby is another key trend that I‘m exploring.

Document This

Software interfaces can now be found everwhere: our phones, our cars, our music systems, our refrigerators. This has amplified the need for concise, accurate, and easily accessible documentation. My current preoccupations in this area include Markdown with Pandoc to generate Word + Web + PDF documentation from one source, and Hype for animating the Web.

Learning Curve

It‘s not exactly news that the Internet has transformed the way we learn, alone and in groups. The rise of Khan Academy, video conferencing, mobile apps for learning, chatbots, and augmented reality are only part of this picture. I‘m currently curious about collective online learning with services like zoom.us and Google classroom.

The Open Web

Open source software and open standards are the reason you‘re able to read this. From Tim Berners-Lee and the birth of the Web to billions of Android mobile devices to the rise of Bitcoin, open source software has played a central and defining role in the development of our online world. Unless there is a compelling reason not to, I recommend the Open Web.

Making Things for People

Web Projects

My Web projects include business-to-business Web and e-commerce applications, documentation portals, non-profit sites, social media integration, HTML animation, and search engine optimization.

Web clients include Troy Life & Fire Safety, Aspin, Kemp & Associates, Words Aloud Spoken Word Festival, and Chubb Fire & Security.

Writing Projects

My writing projects feature the design, development and production of user guides, installation manuals, configuration manuals, reference documents, online help, specification sheets, and quick start documents.

Writing clients include Honeywell, Cooper Lighting Solutions, and Colt Worley Parsons.

Training Projects

My training projects range from brief online presentations to weeklong in-person implementation courses to narrated screencasts. I have created and used online learning environments, developed self-paced learning materials, and delivered training across Canada and online.

Training clients include Colt Worley Parsons, Honeywell, City of Owen Sound, Saudi Aramco Oil Company, and Autopro Automation.